Public speaking doesn't have to be scary.

One of the most important leadership skills you can learn is public speaking. No matter your skill level – or fear level – you can learn to do it well and with confidence. All it takes is some knowledge and some practice.

Public speaking coach and two-time Ignite Minneapolis alumna Aly Wallberg, and Ignite Minneapolis producer Patrick Kuntz will give a 90-minute workshop. The workshop will cover the key aspects of improving your public speaking skills in general, and prepare you for proposing, writing, and ultimately giving an Ignite-style talk in particular.

You'll cover things like:

  • How to write a talk proposal to win speaking gigs
  • How to focus your topic
  • How to prepare and structure your talk
  • How to practice without memorization
  • How to speak from the stage, and into a microphone
  • Analyze other Ignite talks for structure and delivery
  • Examples of winning proposals from past Ignite speakers

The workshop is part presentation, and part hands-on activity.

Event details

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