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Sponsoring Ignite Minneapolis

What is Ignite?

Former MN Secretary of State, Mark Ritchie, giving his Ignite Minneapolis talk Bringing the World to Minnesota at Ignite Minneapolis 10.

Ignite has been called a rock concert for geeks. Our speakers and attendees are the local drivers of new thinking in technology, media, and culture. Ignite draws together the Twin Cities' educated and digitally connected social influencers from across a wide array of disciplines and professions.

Why Ignite Minneapolis?

The Twin Cities contain gobs of smart, talented, funny, inventive and creative people who may not otherwise have a forum to speak about the ideas they're most passionate about. Ignite provides a context and a venue and a wildly enthusiastic fan base (lubricated by a couple free beers) to give these speakers a moment to shine.

The format

Each speaker gives a talk accompanied by a deck of exactly 20 slides that auto-advance every 15 seconds. The talks are fast, fresh, and innovative. And did we mention there's free beer?

Why should you sponsor?

  • Multi-channel visibility before a diverse and connected demographic
  • Alignment with innovation
  • Association with new thinking and emerging ideas

Sponsors make Ignite possible, and we have affordable sponsorship tiers for any size company. Getting your organization involved in the Ignite phenomenon means playing an integral role in one of the coolest events the Twin Cities has to offer.

As a sponsor, you will be aligning your brand with an educated, tech-savvy, urban audience of leaders and decision makers who earn good money and embrace fresh points of view. You'll get tons of visibility and solid geek cred for just being associated with Ignite.

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For sponsorship inquiries and request our Sponsorship Tiers & Benefits PDF.

Ignite Audience Demographics

The Ignite Minneapolis audience is smart and diverse. They make good money, and run the age gamut from 21-60+.

Data collected at Ignite Minneapolis on November 21, 2013.