Ignite Minneapolis is May 11

We're returning to the Ted Mann Concert Hall on May 11 for the next Ignite Minneapolis.


Thursday, May 11, 2017
5:00 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.


Ted Mann Concert Hall (see map)
2128 S 4th St.
Minneapolis, MN 55455

The Speakers

These 18 passionate thought leaders and storytellers will burn up the Ignite stage with lightning-paced 5-minute talks. Here they are – along with their talk titles – displayed in the order in which they will speak.

Karl Pearson-Cater

Mugshot Monday: Every Mug Has a Story

Tyler Olson

Please Don’t Click That Link

Cara Schulz

What’s Up Your Butt?

Karen Olson

Elemental Intelligence: For Good Design and Less Stress

Julia Israel

Happy to be Nappy

Ivan Stegic

They Are About to Delete Your Data

Patrick Hamilton

The Unseen Energy Story of Buildings

Stephanie Glaros

Flex Your Empathy Muscle

Mary Hirsch

Thanks for the Mammaries

Josh Rensch

The Blessing of Bacon

Heatherlee Nguyen

Biomimicry - Designing Like the Natural World

Jesse Ross

Black Fathers Matter

Lisasia Kilgo

Dangerous Women

Tony Loyd

Dial Down the Outrage, Turn Up the Social Good

Eleonore Wesserle

Visionary Storytelling for Resistance and Beyond

Barbara Jeanetta

Everyone Needs a Second Chance at Stable Housing

Sally Zimney

This Better Not Be Perfect

Jason Schommer

What Would Madonna Do?


5:00 p.m. Doors open. Drink beer. Meet people. Food truck eats for sale.
7:00 p.m. Talks begin
8:00 p.m. Intermission
8:30 p.m. Talks resume
9:30 p.m. Talks conclude, Hang out with speakers and attendees
10:00 p.m. Go somewhere else

Code of Conduct

Please familiarize yourself with the Ignite Minneapolis Attendee Code of Conduct.


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Watch the recorded live stream from Ignite Minneapolis 11, November 3, 2016

Announcing Ignite Minneapolis 11

Ignite Minneapolis 11 is coming Thursday, November 3, 2016 to the Ted Mann Concert Hall on the U of M campus (see map).

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Ignite 11 speaker line-up

Following is the list of speakers you'll see at Ignite Minneapolis 11, displayed in the order in which they will speak.

    1. Katie Pennell
      Why You Should Volunteer at Sundance
    2. Zach Coulter
      Let's Build a Hyperloop to Omaha
    3. Megan Gavin
      Your boss and your health insurance company need to end their affair; they are cheating (on) you!
    4. Fadi Fadhil
      From the Mideast to the Midwest
    5. Cisco Cole
      The Masculine Myth
    6. Emily Heying
      Tackling the Gluten-archy
    7. Sarah Super
      If not, that's okay too.
    8. Rick Ellis
      Everything You Need To Know About Social Media You Can Learn From An Old Guy
    9. Jordyn DiOrio
      The Delacroix of Desserts: The Macaron
    10. Fru Nde
      The power of three!
    11. Alison Ling
      The Secret Future of the Urban Water Cycle
    12. Kathryn Ho
      Assignment: Compare and Contrast
    13. Jennifer Sommerness
    14. Patina Park
      The Black Snake Prophecy
    15. Chank Diesel
      Fonts & Places: Typography's Influence on the Urban Landscape
    16. Erica Klein
      Santa will MESS YOU UP
    17. Aly Wallberg
      What would YOU say?
    18. Andy Zimney
      Make-believe is the new currency

We've added another Speaker Workshop!

Public speaking is an important leadership skill. No matter your skill level or fear level, you can learn to do it well and with confidence. All it takes is some knowledge and some practice.

More workshop info

Over 1,000 attend Ignite Minneapolis 10

NOTE: The audio doesn't start until about 1:07, but it doesn't affect any of the talks. Also, if you saw the hashtag #sonsors floating around alongside #igniteMpls on Tuesday night, here's why. Look closely at the video still. Thanks to all our sponsors.

Ignite Minneapolis 10 boasted over 1,000 enthusiastic attendees, 50 donated cases of Surly beer, a dozen philantropic sponsors, and 18 scared shitless speakers. Giving an Ignite talk isn't easy, and the Ignite audience knows that. As such, these fans are incredibly supportive in cheering on those brave enough to head up to the stage to give a passionate, timed 5-minute talk.

Sold out

The sold-out event was held at the Renaissance Minneapolis Hotel, The Depot in downtown Minneapolis on Tuesday, May 10, 2016. The Bush Foundation was the top tier sponsor and the Ignite event was the crescendo of the foundation's 2-day bushCONNECT event, which was held partially at the Guthrie Theater and at The Depot. Ignite Minneapolis was a programming partner in the event and created talks and workshops for both days.


There is no singular theme at Ignite events, so the talk topics vary greatly. Tuesday's event was no exception. Attendees cheered for talks about everything from houseboat living to design thinking, from social diversity to solar power, and from learning to train a pet fish to the finer points of hockey rules.

Prince tribute

During the halftime intermission all of the lights in the house and the images on screen – normally branded with Ignite's signature orange- and red-tinged flames – washed the room in purple while a tribute playlist of Prince songs thumped out through massive speakers both inside the venue and outside in the Depot's Historic Shed.

Four food trucks provided dinner to the fans, crew, and volunteers, including Natedogs, Fork in the Road, Stanley's on Wheels, and O'Cheeze.

The next Ignite Minneapolis event is scheduled for November 3 at the Ted Mann Concert Hall on the U of M campus. If you're interested in attendng (or speaking), you're encouraged to subscribe to the email list to receive advance notice of talk submissions deadlines and ticket release dates.

Next Ignite: May 10, 2016

Ignite Minneapolis 10 is coming on May 10 to the Minneapolis Depot Pavilion. There's an ice rink in there now, but come May 10 we're going to heat the place up with burning ideas. Ignite is partnering with the Bush Foundation and other sponsors to bring you the most amazing Ignite experience ever.

  • 16 amazing speakers
  • Multiple food trucks
  • Free beer

Talk submissions are open!

We are accepting talk proposals from impassioned, intrepid souls who have a burning idea or a brilliant story to share. Deadline is April 3. Think it over, but don't over-think it.

Submit your talk idea