Archives – Ignite Minneapolis 9 – November 18, 2015

Ignite Minneapolis 9 Speakers

You can check out the whole playlist Ignite Minneapolis 9 talks, or watch the individual talks below.

  1. Tai Goodwin
    Brain Anorexia
  2. Mary Jo Schifsky
    Why Stop?
  3. Kary Delaria
    Trials of an Ornithophobiac
  4. Patina Park
    The Freedom to Be 12
  5. Devlin Shaugnessy
    Blind Spot
  6. Monica Nilsson
    The Other Side of the Cardboard Sign
  7. Nausheena Hussain
    RISE - Reviving the Islamic Sisterhood for Empowerment
  8. Patrick Maloney
    Get it Out There
  9. Jennifer Kane
    How to Take Life By the Balls
  10. Amy Anderson
    Confessions of an Autism Support Group Dropout
  11. Joe Laha
    The All-Weather Cyclist
  12. Alex Iantaffi
    Gender Expansion for Collective Liberation
  13. Asya Mikhailenko
    Confessions of a Recovering Food Waster
  14. Tom Johnson
    Get a Press Pass
  15. Margaret Murphy
    Be real. Close the Deal.
  16. John Cosgrove
    Beyond The Charm - What Being Irish In America Really Means
  17. Erica Hanna
    Visual Diet: Changing What We See as Normal
  18. Mike Fotis
    The Voice In The Back Of Your Head to Unleash Your Creative Whatever