Archives – Ignite Minneapolis 7 – June 12, 2014

Ignite Minneapolis 7 Speakers

Below is a list of all the speakers from Ignite Minneapolis 7, June 12, 2014 at the Riverview Theater in Minneapolis. Clicking on a talk title will launch the video of that talk on YouTube in a new window.

  1. Steve Peck
    An Outsiders Observations of the Life and People in Minnesota
  2. Kathryn Duncan
    They Don't Care what Color your Parachute Is
  3. Mykl Roventine
    History Retweets Itself: 2000 Years of Social Media
  4. Julie Warner
    A Nice Talk About a Stupid Word
  5. Joe Laha
    Infinity MPG: Going Car-Free for Fun and Profit
  6. Janel Anderson
    Why We Can't Listen
  7. Colin Lee
    Hacking for Good
  8. Karen Kraus
    An Urbanites Guide to Living Like A Mountain Bum
  9. Jon Ruzek
    Personal Branding is Professional Wrestling... And That's Not a Bad Thing
  10. Aly Wallberg
    What Sarah Palin Taught Me About Life
  11. Yael Grauer
    In Defense of Mediocrity
  12. Samantha Garretto
    The Stages of Friend Dating
  13. John Joyce
    The Greatest Movie Ever Made on How to Get a Job
  14. Namdev Hardisty
    How to Paint like Gerhard Richter
  15. Jeremy Striffler
    Why You Should Compete as an Adult
  16. Mary Hirsch
    Change Your Underwear, Change Your Life
  17. Kurt Koppelman
    Be Effing Pro
  18. Rachel Levitt
    A Jew's FAQs