Archives – Ignite Minneapolis 6 – November 21, 2013

Ignite Minneapolis 6 Speakers

Below is a list of all the speakers from Ignite Minneapolis 6. Clicking on a talk title will launch the video of that talk on YouTube in a new window.

  1. David Simmer
    Art of the Simple (Syrup)
  2. Ruth Bachman
    Change is Inevitable: Don't Stick Your Head in The Sand
  3. Ward Tongen
    Smells Like Hell
  4. Michael Freiert
    Lock Picking for fun and no profit
  5. Eric Brown
    What I've Learned from ALS
  6. Kim Opitz
    A roll in the straw (bale gardening)
  7. Todd O'Dowd
    An Extrovert's Rebuttal
  8. Dan Garon
    What's stopping Internet television?
  9. Aaron Korver
    Snake Eyes - The History and Culture of Dice
  10. Melanie Reitz
    Survival of the Dating Disasters
  11. Andy Krueger
    Nights & Weekends
  12. Nancy Rosenbaum
    Radical Sabbatical: My 3 Month Brazilian Career Break
  13. Dave Dvorak
    The End of the Wallet Biopsy
  14. Zach Johnson
    Your Genes Hate You
  15. Karen Smith
    PLAY like a Champion!
  16. CJ Chilvers
    Perfect Photos Every Time
  17. Ben Beuchler
    How to Save a Life (Not the Fray Song)
  18. Matt Decuir
    Why you should quit your job
  19. Laura Fitzpatrick
    How To Make a Prescription Drug Commercial
  20. Christopher Pollard
    Letter to My Daughter: Why 'The Pixies' are the Best Damn Band Ever