Archives – Ignite Minneapolis 5 – May 29, 2013

Ignite Minneapolis 5 Speakers

Below is a list of all the speakers from Ignite Minneapolis 5. Clicking on a talk title will launch the video of that talk on YouTube in a new window.

  1. Mike Linnemann
    Video Games as art. Not quite Art.
  2. Missy Berggren
    Food Allergies: When Food Can Actually Kill You
  3. Meghan Hatalla
    La Dolce Duck Commander: How Duck Dynasty Teaches Us About da Vinci
  4. Craig Key
    Viral Sucks
  5. Katrina Mitchell
    What a waste
  6. John Baichtal
    Serious Lego
  7. John Heimbuch
    Invest in local culture
  8. Lisa Metwaly
    Copyright-Free Kindness
  9. Robert Metcalf
    The lowdown on leasing
  10. Atina Diffley
    Organic Farming Works: Eat, Relate, and Advocate for The Land That Feeds You.
  11. Anna Kruchowski
    "Nice Snatch" - How to become a strong woman...literally.
  12. Clark Patrick
    Vampires Are Real
  13. Laura Fitzpatrick
    Maturity is the Death of Creativity
  14. Stefanie Trimble
    Social Media Profile Pics in 10 Categories
  15. Kevin Hendricks
    137 Books in One Year
  16. Lynne Morioka
    Yes, First! How Improv "Philosophy" Will Change Your Life
  17. Joel Zaslofsky
    Experience Curating: Filter, Organize, and Share Your Best Moments for Success With Anything
  18. Cara Schulz
    Camping that doesn't suck
  19. Micah Vono
    Spontaneous travel: How I woke up and decided to fly to Liberia
  20. Mary Hirsch
    A New Look At Old Maids