Archives – Ignite Minneapolis 4 – May 24, 2012

Ignite Minneapolis 4 Speakers

Below is a list of all the speakers from Ignite Minneapolis 4. Clicking on a talk title will launch the video of that talk on YouTube in a new window.

  1. Art Allen
    The Beards of the Presidents
  2. Margaret Kaplan
    Rooting for the Underdog: Sports Fans and Paper Bags
  3. Jeffrey Cobia
    My Genetic Albatross: Overcoming the Stigma of Anxiety and Other Mental Illnesses
  4. Aaron Korver
    Rebuilding the Old Ford
  5. Patrick Rhone
    Get Covered in Shit (that you love)
  6. Liz Tupper
    How to Attend a Rock Show.
  7. Kirk Livingston
    How to Hack a Conversation for Insight
  8. Amanda Ingle
    The True Hunger Games: How to Get in Shape for the Zombie Apocalypse
  9. Colin Bartol
    How mechanical Watches Work
  10. Tom Johnson
    The New Space Race
  11. Stephanie Watson
    How to Finally Write that Novel You Keep Talking About
  12. Amber Carter
    In Defense of Earnest: Or, Why Twihards Will Be The Ones To Save The Community Rec Center
  13. Greg Flanagan
    Make Mistakes
  14. Pete Barry
    Wreck Everything
  15. Julio Ojeda-Zapata
    Analog Coffee
  16. Meghan Seawell
    Drink, Smoke, and Screw: We're All Going to Die Anyway
  17. Rohn Jay Miller
    Delete Your Klout Profile Now!
  18. Jake Nyberg
    Water: What Happens When It's Gone?
  19. Ross Phernetton
    Reverse Psychology vs. Forward Psychology
  20. Julie Kucinski
    How to Succeed in Biz (and Life) - No, Seriously