Archives – Ignite Minneapolis 2 – March 4, 2010

Ignite Minneapolis 2 Speakers

Below is a list of all the speakers from Ignite Minneapolis 2. Clicking on a talk title will launch the video of that talk on YouTube in a new window.

  1. Matt Novak
    20th Century Visions of the Future
  2. Julie Kucinski
    Chicks Are the New Dicks
  3. Paul DeBettignies
    Dating and Job Search: They Both Suck
  4. Kristina Halvorson
    Death by Travel: Survival Tips from a Frequent Flyer
  5. Pete Barry
  6. Kristen Mastel
    Japanese Gardens in Minnesota: Examples of Sustainability
  7. Nicole deBeaufort
    Small Batch
  8. Art Allen
  9. Ryan Barnett
    Making Friends and Enemies with Pivot Tables
  10. Eric Caron
    Jobseeking: As Tough as it Sounds?
  11. Kim Opitz
    Leave that Job and Make a Living Freelance-style
  12. Chris Menning
    Internet Memes vs. Flash-in-the-Pan Microtrends
  13. Meghan Wilker
    A 5-Minute Guide to Bollywood
  14. Trista Harris
    All I Need to Know About Management I Learned from Ace of Cakes
  15. Garrick Van Buren
    Why our keyboards still read QWERTY
  16. Meghan Seawell
    Scheduling a Doctor's Appointment